helpful tutorials

  • Python fastcgi wsgi and lighthttpd
  • how to integrate openid as your login system
  • In case you want to make an ORM or understand it, you’ve to read much about DBMS :
    you may read about CREATE TABLE dialects:

  • DirectToDiskFileUpload
  • optparse
  • Conditional GET
  • Java script Timeout
  • web2py on webfaction
  • How To Create a User-Defined Service on MS windows

  • REST introduction
  • jsonp
  • access-control-allow-origin-response-header
  • datetime tutorial
  • jquery-tutorial-passing-input-arrays
  • uri-schemes
  • Python eval()
  • Check that
  • Caching
  • python standard library
  • JQuery cheat sheet
  • pubsub concept
  • decorators_rest
  • UsingExtensions
  • MercurialHosting
  • many-to-many
  • Object-relational_mapping
  • Database_abstraction_layer


  • href=””>mappingObjects
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